Meetings, Paintball, Relax and more Relax….

This week has been exciting. It started out with a Skype meeting with our Mindful Medicine leader and my 3 colleagues journeying with me to Nepal. This informational meeting covered all the aspects of our trip and what we are to expect during our time at the clinic. Already the reality of what we will face sets in and bigger than that, what the locals face daily as we discuss the energy crisis currently occurring in Nepal. That being said, we are never really sure when we will have electricity and when we will not.  As we head into the cold seasons here and in Nepal, I start to think about staying warm.    Strange timing then that here in CO we had our first snow of the season.  What else would be more appropriate than a power outage and continually challenged internet service at a time when I need to step up my usage??  As I write this blog, I am reminded of the beauty and synchronicity of every life experience, I take a deep breath and let go. My ‘inconvenience’ is a beautiful reminder of what lies ahead and greater than that, my heart goes out to all those locally and globally that are cold and hungry right now. I am grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life by taking this trip and it is with deep gratitude that I consider my many blessings in life.

Fund raising efforts for this trip are certainly picking up. While we still have plenty of opportunities to accept donations, I am humbled and deeply GRATEFUL for those that stepped up and in to this project.
I have had numerous and generous direct donations ranging from $10 to $100. WOW! THANK YOU to all!

I have a friend who is running a massage therapy special for her clients and donating part to my project. THANK YOU Emily!

I have a friend hosting a night of relaxation where she will provide auricular acupuncture and aqua chi baths while I give 15 minute seated massage and her husband is providing Live relaxing music. THANK YOU Stephanie and Richard!

And My husband is hosting a paintball fundraiser. More details to come on that. THANK YOU GUY!

WOW! We have a long way yet to reach our goal, but we are making progress and that is AWESOME!

Thank you for your support!


The word about the work

It is a great honor to have been accepted as a volunteer acupuncturist with Mindful Medicine Worldwide (MMW). I will be traveling to Nepal with my colleague Jackie toward the end of November and we will be providing acupuncture and massage to patients in a MMW clinic.  This is an exciting opportunity and I thank you for sharing in the experience!

About Mindful Medicine Worldwide

“Mindful Medicine Worldwide is a non-profit organization established in 2009, which seeks to bring long-term integrative health care to people of developing areas, domestically and internationally, by establishing and operating integrative health care clinics. Our professional volunteer practitioners provide medical services and health care education to our patients as well as create sustainable health practices by educating local lay people to be integrative health workers within their communities. Mindful Medicine Worldwide is rooted in a practice of mindfulness, education, research and training” (MMW website 2011)

For more information about MMW, please visit their website at or click here for a brief presentation. MMW PowerPoint Presentation


This is an incredible opportunity to serve a community and I am asking for your help to fund this trip. My goal is to raise $5000 to cover the cost of the program and airfare

DONATE HERE (click the link below)

If you would like to send a check, please email me:

THANK YOU for any help you can give….I CAN’T DO THIS WITHOUT YOU!!!!