A week in review

Week 1 in Boudha is finished and it has been wonderfully productive. It has taken a bit of time to compile my thoughts about all that has happened thus far, and I’m still not sure how to describe this area other than with a few adjectives:
Deeply diverse
Beautiful and yet not
Spiritually Rich

Our clinic this week started out slow but quickly picked up the pace and we ended up seeing somewhere over 60 patients. As is with the diversity of the area in general, the clinic patients are equally diverse. We see many local folk including the monks and nuns that occupy the monastery next door, as well as many “Engies” from North America and Europe. The Engies are especially common right now because of the week long teachings of Choyki Nyima Rinpoche at the White Monastery near by. A common link between all the patients is the extreme appreciation for the treatments they receive. There is such gratitude they show and it seems especially apparent because of the bowing that is common practice for greeting each other. This is a very unique treatment situation because we get to see patients often as much as three times a week. This is something that we will likely not see while treating in America.


As I mentioned, the beginning of the week had a lighter patient load which allowed for us to reorganize the clinic and the herbal pharmacy.


Our space is small but it works well. We have two connected rooms.
Here is a beautiful moment as Jackie treats a nun who was so appreciative. As she left us that day she continually bowed and muttered blessings to us…


Here is Honora teaching one of her unique treatment methods:


While Thanksgiving came and went in the states, we were blessed to be invited to a gathering of Engies at the apartment of a friend of Grainne’s (our fearless leader). Waking out beyond the gates of the great Stupa can be intimidating and overwhelming because of the traffic, both vehicles and pedestrian, and the pollution. Pictures, of course don’t explain well…


It was a lovely evening of community and a very memorable Thanksgiving. Even though there was power load shedding occurring upon our arrival to the gathering, the candle light conversation was still delightful (pun intended).


No Thanksgiving is complete without “hand turkeys”


The area around the stupa is wonderful to explore and is RICH RICH RICH with culture and the spiritual heritage that is Boudha. It really is quite something and still yet cannot be explained. Honora took Jackie and I around to some of the better shops and in doing so ended up sharing some of the depth about the Buddhist traditions. Joined later by Bob, we got quite an amazing tour and teaching, and we shared the Friday sunset on the rooftop of a temple. We are so grateful…


Today we had day one of our pulse reading class. My one descriptive word is AWESOME!!! I am looking forward to practicing looking for these pulses more in clinic next week.

Of course I could post a thousand pictures but I will save some for another time.


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