Dona Nobis Pacem

Today is blog blast for peace day so I thought I’d contribute a few small words.

Dona Nobis Pacem- Grant Us Peace.

A quote so appropriately given today by Dr. Roger Teel says, “We realize that we are made in the image and nature of our creator to be creators in our own experience and our own personal universe.”

The question then is what are we creating in our lives and how are we creating that? Are we creating chaos by scheduling ourselves accordingly? Are we buying into the fear that is offered to us on a daily basis in the media? I know at times, and sometimes more often than not I do.   Let us not forget that we have a choice in the matter and we can choose peace for ourselves internally and externally. Yes, peace is an inside job. No doubt about it but the question now is “How do we get to peace within?”

With simple repeated CONSCIOUS acts of kindness to another, I believe that we can also accomplish a sense of peace within ourselves.  It is the same concept as “Thoughts are Things.”  So when we are in a moment of internal struggle and/or difficulty, the act of offering kindness to another (some people buy Starbucks for a stranger for example) or the gift of love can be a reset button inside yourself.  Focusing on a conscious peaceful moment with another reminds us that peace exists and because we are thinking about it, we start to believe in the possibilities of peace for ourselves.  The more we think about peace, the more it exists.

So, if we are to be the creator of our experience and our own personal universe, I ask you-what are choosing for your universe today?

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2 responses to “Dona Nobis Pacem

  1. Hello Amy

    No truer word was spoken.

    “Peace is an inside job”…made me smile, but then made me think. What a great way to say it!

    You are an inspiration for people everywhere, and I hope more people will come and visit you here and be inspired…

    Thank you

    [A link to your post will soon be on my blog ‘Peace Bloggers Unite’ ]

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